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Thassos, Greece €50.000
  • Beautiful Sculptors cottage located on the beautiful Greek island of Thassos. Greatly reduced for a quick sale!
The sculptor's cottage is a renovation project for the old stone cottage which has been renovated but still needs a kitchen and bathroom.
No electricity is laid on but a solar scheme shows it could support the entire needs of the house. The property is 650m2 and complete fenced in. There is an open workshop (prior wooden structure for a stable) that is 70m2.The gardens provide year round fruit and veg. Over 100 fruit and nut trees have been landscaped into the grounds. The walnut tree provides over 175 kilos of walnut at 10 Euro per kilo each year.
This property is very commercially set on the road between two villages on the way to the beach only 3 kilometres down the road.
This property would suit a tradesman able to renovate his own place and looking to work for the large expat community on the island.

This property could potentially offer a wide choice of options for the buyer even just as an investment to renovate and sell on.

This has now been reduced to an absolute bargain price, you will not find a property such as this for this price. Early viewing recomended.